Memorable Holidays: Destination Croatia

Croatia with its vibrant shoreline, magical old fishing villages, many medieval Roman ruins, is quickly emerging as the destination of choice for the luxury and budget travelers. The nation is well connected by flights from Europe and is an important port of call for many cruise ships. Folks from all walks of life arrive here for a Unterk├╝nfte in Kroatien. There’s something for everybody – national parks and secluded beaches for people who seek privacy and bliss, coastal ports for your jetsetters where they could anchor their mega stores, Roman ruins for people who want to unravel the secrets that lie concealed behind their walls, and the laid back setting for people who want to go and escape from everything.

There are many locations that it is possible to research such as Dubrovnik. The walled town boasts marble streets, magnificent baroque structures and stunning views of the Adriatic Coast. The churches, monasteries and museums take you back into a different age. You can even stroll through the cobbled streets of this town center full of restaurants and cafes where you are able to stop for a while and see the world go by as you sip your favorite beverage. The several stores sell good souvenirs and crafts.

Zagreb, the ethnic, political and financial capital of Croatia, flaunts an old-world graciousness. The magnificent baroque buildings share space with blossoming stylish boutiques, art galleries, art galleries, restaurants and shops and they all collectively present an impressive mix of the contemporary and the traditional. The town is generally alive with quite a few star-studded occasions that liven up the many concert halls, clubs and pubs. It’s tough to withstand the energy that Zagreb oozes; nonetheless, if you want something quieter, you can visit the local Mount Medvednica, which is only a tram ride away. Another alternative would be to hit on the neighboring beaches to soak up the atmosphere and sun.